16 Signs It’s Time To Move To A New House

        By Jen Juneau, Trulia

      Take a deep breath and ask yourself: Has the time come to relocate?

      Moving isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. Aside from the physical process of shifting everything you own into a new space and/or paying people to do so, there are many other factors to                   consider, such as budget, location, and (perhaps most importantly) your sanity. But the challenges are worth the struggle if you’ve reached the point where relocation truly is best for you.

       If you’re on the fence about moving, start 2016 off right by perusing these 16 signs that it’s time to take the plunge and start a new house search. Then get started by searching for homes

       for sale in Santa Fe, NM, or wherever you call home!


      How to Choose the Perfect City for Your Vacation Home 

       By Tim Anderson and Harry Chandler, RIS Media

       Purchasing a vacation home is a great way to ensure that you always have a place to escape, without worrying about crammed hotel rooms and the inconvenience of living out of a                                 suitcase  for a week. When you own a vacation home, you can pack and leave at your convenience, because you always have a home away from home ready for you to utilize. If buying a                         vacation  home appeals to you, you will need to choose the right location to ensure that the home remains a valuable, welcome part of your family. Here are some factors to consider as

       you make the decision. 

       ​Convenience to Your Home First, determine if the location is convenient enough to make a vacation home appealing. How close is the vacation destination to your home? While it is great

      to “get away,” the reality is that you may not wish to fly every time the opportunity to go on vacation arises. Especially with the rising cost of airline tickets, you may wish to choose a

      location within a short drive of your home. 



     Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of Home Amenities

       ​By  Better Homes & Gardens


​      When selling a home, you need to understand  the current consumer expectations and lifestyles. Appliance companies have  tracked these for a while, and while some trends  come and

      go,  others remain popular for years. Recent consumer demands for energy efficiency and for connectivity via a smart phone are shaping the future  of home amenities these days.



       4 Numbers That Determine Your Buying Power

      ​By Kayla Albert, Trulia

​      Make sure you have a sense of how you measure up in these four key ways before you start the house hunt.

      When it comes to deciding on a home to purchase, the list of things to consider can be lengthy. But while you might be comparing square footage, finishes, and neighborhoods, 

      mortgage lenders are looking at the specific numbers that make up your financial picture with the same discerning eye. These numbers will not only impact your ability to buy that 

      home for sale in Santa Fe, NM, but they will also measure your buying power.


     New Study Shows Homeowners Reap Remodeling Benefits Whether Selling or Staying 

​     By RIS Media

​      Homeowners preparing to sell often make improvements, both big and small, to their homes that can help yield positive results and garner top dollar from buyers. According to a new report                   from the National Association of REALTORS®, remodeling projects can also bring major benefits to homeowners who choose to remain in their homes.

      According to NAR’s 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, which uncovers the reasons homeowners choose a remodel and the increased happiness certain projects bring once completed, 64                      percent have experienced increased enjoyment in their home after completing a remodeling project. Additionally, 75 percent of respondents says they felt a major sense of accomplishment                  when thinking of their completed project. Fifty­four percent of respondents felt happy about the changes to their home, and 40 percent felt satisfied. As for their reasons to complete a                            remodeling project, 38 percent of homeowners says they wanted to upgrade worn­out surfaces, finishes and materials; 17 percent wanted to add features and improve livability; and 13

     percent believed it was time for a change. 


       5 Unexpected Ways Real Estate Agents Save Sellers Money 

​       By Meaghan Agnew, Trulia

​       A good real estate agent makes selling a house look easy, but consider these five factors before you go full-on FSBO.

       We totally get it: At the end of the already arduous selling process, it can be painful to turn over that 6% commission. And when you really start to crunch the  numbers, it’s very tempting

       to forgo the listing agent altogether and enter the “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) fray.-



       Ask the Expert: How Can Homeowners Prepare for Winter? 

         By Pillar to Post

          Today’s “Ask the Expert” column features Charles Furlough, Vice President of Field Operations with Pillar To Post Home Inspectors. 

         Q: Now that fall has arrived, what should homeowners do to begin preparing their home for the winter season?

         A: While winter might be the last thing on your mind as long as the trees  still have leaves on them, this time of year is perfect for preparing your home for the impending cold and all the                         damage it can bring. Following are a few proactive steps you can take  before the winter winds start to blow, keeping you and your family safe and warm...


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     Bill Proposing TRID Hold-Harmless Period Passes House

​     By Suzanne De Vita, RIS Media

     As the real estate industry proceeds with implementation of the now-effective TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule (TRID), a bill designed to assist smaller lending, title and escrow                  companies with compliance passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday, October 7. 

      The bill, titled the Homebuyers Assistance Act  (H.R. 3192), proposes a period in which these parties will not be held liable for unintentional noncompliance prior to February 1, 206.                     Introduced in July by Congressman French Hill (R-AR), H.R. 3192 passed by a vote of 303 to 121...



​​​Neighborhood Market


We make it our personal mission to provide the community with important information regarding the real estate market. In this ever-changing market, the best thing for us to do is equip our fellow residents of Fairfield County with up-to-date vital information and accurate guidance.

       8 Curb Appeal Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Home Sale 

       ​By Virginia C. McGuire

​        Draw buyers inside by avoiding these common curb appeal mistakes outside.

        Would you wear sweatpants for an important job interview? Going out on a limb here, but the answer is probably “no.” The same holds true for selling a home; you should prepare your home’s               curb appeal to ensure an outstanding first impression. When your home is on the market, first impressions are everything. An unkempt yard or peeling paint will scare some buyers away                         completely. Even if you’re selling in a perpetually sunny place, like a home for sale in Miami, FL, where seasonal chores like leaf removal and shoveling may be a nonissue, it’s important to

        spend some time on curb appeal to draw in all the potential buyers you can.


        Start your journey toward an impeccable first impression by avoiding these eight common curb appeal mistakes sellers make when listing their home...


     You don’t have to pretend the holidays don’t exist if your home is on the market this time of year.

​     By Blake Miller, Trulia

    Selling a home during the holidays can be tricky. Decorations could turn off potential buyers, who may have been interested in buying that home for sale in Sioux Falls, SD — if they hadn’t

     been distracted by the huge collection of inflatable decor in the front yard.

    “Curb appeal is an important element of real estate at any time of the year,” says professional home stager Krisztina M. Bell of Virtually
Staging Properties Inc. in Atlanta. “During the holiday              season, curb appeal often takes on a new meaning as people decorate their homes  and landscapes to reflect the joy [of the season]. There is a fine line between attractive outdoor

     decorating and pushing the limits, especially  when staging a home during the holidays.”

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      7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring To List Your Home For Sale 

      By  Meaghan Agnew, Trulia

​     Winter offers some unique opportunities for sellers, so ignore your instincts to let your home hibernate. It’s one of real estate’s most enduring mantras: If you want to list your house, you                     should sit out the winter season and let it hit the market in the spring instead. But like so many things  in life, finding the best time to sell a house or list is more  complicated.


​     What makes a great first home? Check out these points.

     By Blake Miller, Trulia

     For many, buying a house can be a big leap into adulthood, especially if you’re transitioning from renting a downtown studio to owning a four-bedroom Colonial on a cul-de-sac. Enter

     the idea of a starter home.  Starter homes are bought with the intention of making them a transitional home: not your “forever home” but a comfortable spot to set down roots for a while,                      maybe until you start a  family or your career takes off.